J-Mart Japanese / Asian Grocery – Our Story

Brand New & Ready to Serve You

J-Mart Japanese/Asian Grocery may be a new business, but we bring you over 40 years of experience in Asian cuisine and an extensive knowledge of Asian products. Our owner, Brian, grew up in Yokohama, Japan where he resided with his family for about 10 years as a military brat. Upon his father’s retirement from the Navy, they eventually settled down in Florida, where Brian and his family lived for about 30 years. After a brief stint outside of Florida, he brought his retired parents back to Sparta where his father actually grew up! Visit our store, today.

Teppan Chef

While living in Florida, Brian’s mother worked as a server at a Japanese style teppanyaki restaurant, where chefs cook meals in front of you with a dazzling flair! It was around this period when Brian and his older brother, AJ, both learned how to cook, with Brian leaning more toward baking, and AJ taking an interest in becoming a chef.

Brian has missed his comfort foods in the states, like Japanese-style custard crème puffs (choux cream), crème caramel (purin), and many other delicious Japanese treats. As a result of these cravings, he took up baking so that he could have them in his household all the time, and is something that he hopes to bring to the shop in the near future.

In the summer of 2020, Brian started J-Mart Japanese/Asian Grocery as a result of not being able to find his favorite meals and treats, and even hearing the call from other Asians in his community. He created this business in order to introduce many dishes, such as okonomiyaki, sukiyaki, sushi, as well as desserts, to the people of his community because they mean so much to him and his childhood, and wants to extend the joy of discovering and eating international foods to everyone willing to try. It’s what he grew up on and he knows there are others who will benefit from having their comfort foods in their household, too. For more information about our story and how we’re here to provide the same Asian comforts you grew up on or to try something a little more exotic, visit our store or give us a call at 608-269-1574.


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